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Beyond Exclamation highlights eTherapyDocs

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December 07, 2018

Beyond Exclamation highlights eTherapyDocs and how we are 'Making Practices Thrive'
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Suwanee, Georgia – December 07, 2018 — Beyond Exclamation recognizes eTherapyDocs' focus on pediatric practices and highlights the company's committment to continue to resolve problems that small to medium pediatric therapy practices face.

Focused on adding features and functionality to resolve real problems that small to medium sized pediatric therapy practices experience, eTherapyDocs has continued to create 'a simple to use' pediatric focused system since its foundation. Treatments are easily and efficiently documented within the system using any internet enabled device, pulling information from discipline specific patient goals. Complete treatment notes, plan of care, progress notes, and other uploaded patient documentation can be exchanged in a secure HIPAA compliant way via integrated messaging and secure faxing. eTherapyDocs' integrated calendar provides visual feedback to help remind therapists of appointments that still require treatment notes, and provides appointment reminders to patients via both email and text messaging. The company combines its functionality with outstanding client services, to ensure the best service possible.

What makes Eric, founder and CEO of eTherapyDocs, different from other CEO in the industry, is that Eric personally has over 30 years of experience in software development, focused on user experience, customer service, and the regulatory aspects of healthcare. His technical and customer skills, combined with his passion for his wife's pediatric therapy field of practice, makes Eric passionate about eTherapyDocs every day.

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