Pediatric Practice Management

Electronic Note Entry

eTherapyDocs makes documenting treatments easy. Our interface allows for a verbose treatment narrative, support voice dictation, and patient goals are easily viewed, updated, and included in your treatment notes. Our interface supports all of the word processing your practice requires including, bold, underline, copy and paste, spell check, and other formatting typically available within a word processing system.

Billing Made Easy

Select your treatment notes, enter patient payments, create SuperBill or Patient Invoices, and quickly generate EDI files for clearinghouses. Or generate your own 837P and upload to your favorite online system. eTherapyDocs Billing was made to give you flexibility and options.



Multiple Clearinghouses

Unlike many practice management systems that partner with just one clearinghouse we've developed eTherapyDocs to work with many clearinghouses. In fact, not only do we automate the filing process with Availity and Claim.MD, but we opened up our system to allow you to create custom EDI files (837p) to be used with virtually any clearinghouse or payer.

Meaningful Alerts

Make sure all treatment notes are completed and signed. Once therapist logs into eTherapyDocs, the login dashboard provides feedback to the user alerting of situations where treatment notes have not been completed, there are notes with pending co-signatures, and if there are any expiring patient documents that require attention. Administrators have the same alerts with visibility to all therapists and patients within the practice.

Meaningful Alerts

Interactive Calendar

Unique Appointment Calendar

eTherapyDocs offers a visual indication for scheduled appointments missing their treatment notes. This enables therapists to ensure they keep up with writing treatment notes, and allows therapists to easily create notes simply by clicking a calendar appointment. Administrators and Billers can visually see missing treatment notes in order to help facilitate the completion of those notes so they can be billed.

SMS and Patient Reminders

Not all patients require appointment reminders, but some do. Those patients with a history of missing appointments have shown a great improvement in attendance rates by receiving SMS or email reminders. eTherapyDocs provides unlimited appointment reminders and supports the reminders in both English and Spanish.

Appointment Reminders

Secure email and faxing

Secure mail and fax

eTherapyDocs provides unlimited use of our integrated HIPAA Compliant mail system. This mail system allows you to email patient document to patients, caregivers, and physicians. Additionally, eTherapyDocs can provide options for secure faxing directly from within the system.

Patient Documentation

eTherapyDocs provides a completely paperless solution. Those documents specific to your practice, remain specific to your practice. With eTherapyDocs you can easily upload you documents into the electronic filing cabinet, creating a completely paperless environment and enabling approved users to access necessary patient documents.

Patient file uploads

Co-signature functionality

Co-signatures for assistants

eTherapyDocs has completely automated the process of having assistants and students have their notes co-signed. The assistant or student simply selects their supervisor when creating a treatment note, and the system takes care of negotiating the approval or denial with the supervising therapist. Supervisors can provide comments and once approved their signature is part of the treatment note, Plan of Care, or Progress Note.