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April 24, 2019

eTherapyDocs, presents Health Information Exchanges
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Eric Hoell, founder of eTherapyDocs, was honored to have the opportunity present an educational session specific to Health Information Exchanges (HIE), like NCHealthConnex, and how they connect to EHR and Practice Management systems.

The session had an interactive flare as we described what a Health Information Exchange (HIE) accomplishes, the types of data typically exchanged to and from a HIE, and discussed the changes specific to North Carolina in order to bill Medicaid and other NC State Funded Services in the near future, as required by the State under the HIE act.

Having access to patient's record in a HIE helps medical professionals work more closely with other providers, make better decisions about patient care, and reduce the chance of medical errors. While practices have always shared information with other providers when necessary to support patient care, having it in a HIE makes it easier, faster and more secure.

When asked if a HIE creates more work for therapists and administrators, Eric responded "When the Practice Management System is integrated correctly with a HIE, patients' medical information will be automatically transmitted to the HIE system after each visit to your practice. The Practice Management system should do 100% of the work, requiring no extra work by administrators or therapists. "