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Initial Release

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August 02, 2008

Computer Solution Partners announces Investigational release of eTherapyDocs Practice Management Software
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Computer Solution Partners announced today the Investigational release of the eTherapyDocs Practice Management system. Special Needs Pediatric Therapy Services will begin using the software, testing it to ensure it meets the design and functionality requirements jointly developed by both companies. The software will provide practices the ability to document detailed treatment notes , maintain accurate visibility to patient documentation needs, and open the doors to automated business practices.

"eTherapyDocs will enable owners to automate their practices. Through automation, it is expected that many practices will develop improved quality of patient documentation and improve patient care through real-time access to critical patient information." said Eric Hoell, founder and CEO of Computer Solution Partners. "I believe we will see huge growth in Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems in physician offices within in the upcoming years. Today, nearly 20% of all physicians utilize some type of EHR system. These practices are taking advantage of the efficiencies of automation, and I believe eTherapydocs will improve accessibility to automation for therapy practices in order to insure maximum competitive advantages."